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Nookums Buddies Pacifier

Nookums Buddies Pacifier

$ 16.00


  • Allows Baby to maneuver pacifiers at an early age
  • Makes finding baby’s pacifier a snap
  • Huggable design is comforting for little hands to hold
  • Pacifier removes for replacement & sanitation
  • Flexible, silicone Hug Ring™ attaches to most brand name infant pacifiers including Mam, Philips, Avent, Soothie, NUK, Nuby, Dr. Browns, Munchkin, First Years, and many more. (Gumdrop brand is not compatible)
  • Attaches to Nookums™ Chillies™ Refills- our a Chillable Infant Teether and Icey Pack™ to soothe Sore Gums, Bumps & Boo-Boos for children of all ages (sold separately)


Most Name Brand pacifiers will work with Nookums® Paci-Plushies®.

Pacifiers with a button handle are a perfect fit.

Pacifiers with a ring handle attach by removing the Nookums pacifier and gently stretching the flexible, silicone Hug Ring over the ring handle on the pacifier.

Please note that NUK® Pacifiers with the Ring Handle are compatible with Paci-Plushies™, but connect more loosely than other brands (don’t worry, they still get the job done!)

Below is a partial list of compatible pacifiers. Due to the ever changing market, we can not list every pacifier that is or is not compatible. Please email us with any questions in regards to compatibility.

Button Handle Pacifiers :
•Nuk™ Advanced Clear Shield Orthodontic Pacifiers
•MAM™ Preemie, Infant and Toddler Pacifiers
•Born Free™ Bliss Button Pacifiers
•BooginHead™ Create Your Own Pacifiers
•Elodie Details™ Pacifiers
•RaZbaby Personalized Knob Pacifiers
•RaZbaby Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier
•Tommee Tippee™ Closer to Nature C-AIR Pacifiers
•Gerber™ First Essentials Comfort Fit Pacifiers
•My Pacifier Button Dummies
•My Pacifier™ Personalized Pacifiers
•Mothercare™ Baby Soothers
•Munchkin™ Silicone Pacifiers
•Nookums™ Orthodontic Pacifiers
•Nuby™ Brites Oval Pacifiers
•Nuby™ Mini Brites Oval Pacifiers
•Nuby™ Brites Orthodontic Pacifiers
•Nuby™ GEO Orthodontic Pacifiers
•Vicks™ Pacifier Thermometer
•Safety First™ Digital Pacifier Thermometer
•Baby King™ Sesame Beginnings™ Pacifiers
•First Steps™ Orthodontic Teat Heart Dummy
•dBd-Remond™ Newborn Pacifier

Ring Handle Pacifiers
•Avent™Pacifers and Soothers by Philips
•Ulubulu Expressions & Personalized Pacifiers
•Dr. Browns™ PreVent Pacifiers
•Evenflo™ Bebek Silicone Pacifiers
•Vital Baby™ Soft Touch Pacifiers and Soothers
•Gerber™ First Essentials Soft Center Latex Pacifiers
•Crazy Baby Clothing™ Cool Pacifiers
•Baby Dior™ Pacifier Sets
•Ed Hardy™ Infant Pacifiers
•Bebe Dubon™ Funny Face Silicone Pacifier Soother
•Juicy Couture™ Infant Pacifier Gift Sets
•Humphrey’s Corner™ Safey Soothers/Dummies
•Mothercare™ Air Flow Soother
•My Pacifier Ring Dummies
•My Pacifier Personalized Pacifiers
•NUK™ Orthodontic Pacifiers
•Playtex Binky
•Playtex Ortho Pro Pacifiers
•Richell Hello Kitty™ Pacifiers
•Tigex™Silicone Ring Pacifiers
•Babisil™ Comfi Soother
•Little Wonders™ Cherry Soothers
•Griptight™ Orthodontic Silicone Safety Soothers
•Chicco™ Physio Active Teat Soothers