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Rainbow Counting Train

Rainbow Counting Train

$ 30.00

 63-PIECE RAINBOW TRAIN SET: Learn about colors and counting as you play with this steam engine kit! Includes everything you’ll need to build the train and a cargo of colorful blocks
• ENDLESS BUILDING POSSIBILITIES: Use the instructions to make the train shown on the package. Then recombine the blocks to make other fun vehicles
• SOFT & FLEXIBLE EDGES: Building blocks are made from a flexible material and have soft edges that are kind to children’s hands
• BUILD & LEARN: The Rainbow Counting Train set helps improve hand-eye coordination and tactile development. Learn about colors and counting as you play!
• SAFE TO PLAY WITH: The material (Polyethylene LD-PE/HD-PE) is machine washable, 100% non-toxic and safe for kids
• ORIGINALLY BUILT IN 1980: Originally built by a father - Anton Meyer, a German engineer and Founder of PolyM - for his beloved daughter. The majority of German kindergartens have chosen us for their classrooms